• ORAIMO 27000mah (P217D) POWER BANK

    Oraimo Dual USB Port 27000mAh Power Bank is a power bank with a super large capacity of 27000mAh so that it can help you charge your cellphone or other devices over and over again.


    With an efficient to charge cellphone batteries fast charging Our power bank has been supported by Fast Charging technology so it is speedy.


    Real MASSIVE Capacity with capacity real super big 27.000mAh can charge the iPhone up to 10x, it is possible to carry it when traveling/traveling far, and you will not run out of battery during the trip!


    Minimalist Design

    The design also ensures that it saves space Even though the capacity is large, this power bank is still portable and lightweight so it is very comfortable to carry while traveling

    LED display to see the remaining power bank capacity Equipped with a capacity LED display that makes it easy to see the remaining power bank battery capacity in real-time


    Dual Port

    Dual USB Output Dual USB Output makes it easy for you to charge 2 devices at once simultaneously thus saving time in charging.


    Product Parameters:

    BT Version: V5.2
    Range: 10m
    Battery Playtime: 5 hrs on single charge; case provides additional 15 hrs
    Charge Input: Type-C


    Product Features:

    IPX7 Waterproof-Perfect for the Outdoor
    Rains and sweat won’t stop you-Oraimo AirBuds 3 is designed with an IPX7 water resistance rating, so that you can still enjoy music during a workout or outdoor activity, never fear of anything.

    Standard of IPX7 Waterproof: The product can be used normally if it is placed in 1 meter of water and soaked for 30 minutes.


    Powerful Bass-Incredible Audio Experience
    Thanks to specially designed 6mm drivers with premium composite diagrams, they reproduce clear vocals in mid and high-range frequencies as well as punchy bass for truly dynamic sound. oraimo bass boost EQ makes the bass to another incredible level.


    ENC 2-mic Algorithm -Ensure Clear Calls
    AI microphone noise-reducing algorithm will effectively shield your calls from environmental noise, making your voice can be heard in the calls clearly even if you are on a noisy bus.


    Compact and Comfortable- Ergonomic Design for a Better Fit
    4g super lightweight of single earbud, combining an ergonomic shape that matches the ear cavity perfectly, oraimo AirBuds 3 fit in your ears for long-time comfort. There’s even no problem if you wear L&R earbuds backward.


    BT 5.2- Low-latency Game Mode
    By long pressing one earbud you can turn on Game Mode to enjoy seamless and lag-free gaming on Bluetooth devices.


    20-hr Playtime-Non-stop Entertainment
    5-hour playtime on a single charge, and the portable charging case provides extra 15-hour playtime. Now you can enjoy a full-day listening.



    Product Parameters:
    Size: 360*132*133mm
    BT Version: V5.0
    BT Range: 10m
    Frequency Response: 85Hz-16KHz
    Battery Capacity: 3600mAh
    Play Time: 6 hours(Lights On); 7 hours (Lights Off)
    Speaker Output: 30W
    Model: OBS-75D


    Product Features:
    HavyBass- Heavy-duty and Thumping Bass
    Turn up the music to full volume and vibing all night to a clear, rich sound. Feel the beats dropping and heart throbbing with a powerful 30W speaker. oraimo HavyBass™ algorithm increases sound pressure for booming bass and high-quality audio. Retractable handle lets you bring party bass everywhere and anytime.


    Dynamic Light Effects- Party All-night
    Set the vibes of the party just right with the four-mode RGB LED effects for 6 hours of playing. Turn any space into a rock concert, nightclub, and karaoke lounge with oraimo Boom.


    IPX5 Waterproof- True Party Music Freedom
    From the park to the beach, IPX5 Splash Resistant of oraimo Boom got you all covered.


    TWS Pairing- Wider Stereo Sound
    You can connect two speakers wirelessly for wider stereo sound.


    Multiple Connected Modes- Easy Pairing, Various Playing
    Indulge in music like never before with multiple connectivity modes- FM, Bluetooth, AUX, USB, built-in mic, and line-in mic.


    Product Parameters:
    Plug Type: UK Type
    Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
    Output: 5.0V 1.2A Max

    Type: Micro USB
    Length: 1m

    Product Features:
    Efficient & Stable
    It offers stable charging at 1.2A max speed at home, in the office, or on the go.

    It provides surge protection, short circuit prevention, temperature control and more to deliver unbeatable protection to you and your devices.

    Premium Design
    The hard-wearing exterior and high-gloss detailing are as durable as they are good-looking, and the small body takes up minimal space.


    Cable Length: 1.2 M

    Frequency Response: 20-2000HZ

    Impedance: 32 OMS

    Sensitivity: 100+/-3DB

    Audio Jack: 3.5mm

    Earphone Specify: Half-in ear

    Other Features: Switch Easily between music & incoming calls

    In The Box: 1 earphone & 4 ear tips


  • ORAIMO CONCH 2 (E10)

    Cable Length: 1.2m
    Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz
    Impedance: 16 OMS
    Sensitivity: 95+/-3dB
    Plug Type: 3.5mm
    Earphone Type: In-ear
    Model: OEP-E11


    Product Features:
    Superior Deep Bass
    Jam to Dynamic Music
    Composite driver delivers strong bass experience, leading you to flow in the music world.


    Remote Control
    Free Your Hands
    Tap on the button to control the music playing and calls. Embedded microphone could make calls more crystal.


    Personalized Eartips
    Customize Your Listening Comfort
    There’s always an ear tips size for you, making each ear comfortable


    Improved Durability
    Long service life
    Features a durable and corrosion-resistant material, which could withstand everyday use’s wear and tear.

    ORAIMO CONCH 2 (E10)


    Product Parameters:

    Plug Type: UK Type.
    Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz.
    Output: 5.0V 2.1A MAX.
    Model: OCW-U63D

    Product Features

    Forget about taking two chargers everywhere you go. With a dual USB charger, you can charge two devices at the same time.
    Each 2 USB ports pump out 10.5 watts of power to charge two devices at full speed.

    Smart LED Indicator
    THE Built-in LED smartly shows charging status.

    Premium-Design with Compact-Size
    High-gloss detailing and comfort grip design gives a sleek look to this powerful device.
    This tough and compact charger is definitely your best travel companion.

    It provides oraimo exclusive surge protection, short circuit prevention, temperature control, and more to deliver unbeatable protection to you and your devices.


    Product Parameters
    Charger Type:
    Input: 100-240V-50/60Hz, 0.35A
    Output: 5.0V = 2.0A 10.0W
    Type: Micro-USB

    Product Features

    2A Fast-charging
    Efficient and Stable
    It has stable charging at 2A max speed and 100-240V wide input voltage, quickly restores power to your device.

    *Charge iPh14 to 70% in 1h.
    Charge Galaxy S22 to 70% in 1.2h.

    Fire-proof and Anti-slip
    Premium Durable Material
    Its flame retardant material has higher fire-proof rating of V0 and the liquid silicone rubber inside improves the stability of components, which provides secure protection under full-load work and high-temperature conditions.

    Multi-protection System
    Refuse the Risk of Explosion
    Equipped with premium Lithium polymer chip, which is not just safe, but also provides a higher conversion rate, stable voltage, and reliable circuit protection.

    Powered by AniFast™ Technology
    Widely Compatible
    Equipped with Oraimo’s exclusive chip, AniFast™ charger can intelligently identify the fast-charging protocol of your device to deliver the speediest possible charge.

    Compact Size
    Take It Anywhere
    It’s a kind of pocket-friendly compact design, you can hold it with only one hand.



    Product Parameters:
    BT Version: V5.2
    Wireless Range: 10m
    Play Time:
    Up to 8.5 hours, the case provides additional 27 hours (ANC OFF);
    Up to 7 hours, the case provides additional 22 hours (ANC ON)
    Input: Type-C
    Model: OEB-E105D


    Product Features:

    Active Noise Cancellation- Dive into Silence
    oraimo advanced ANC system can get rid of up to 30dB noise for a quiet and immersive condition. Slide, wear, play, then experience the true tranquility and purity.


    Low-latency Game Mode- Audio and Video Sync in Moment

    Featuring Bluetooth 5.2 and Game Mode, you can emerge in your game with audio and video sync in seconds.


    High-sensitive Sensor- Smart Touch Controls

    The highly sensitive sensor responds accurately to your demands. With press or short touch, you can turn up or down the volume, take calls, or change your music easily.


    Antibacterial Eartips- A More Hygienic Choice

    Specially made oraimo eartips can greatly reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal infections.


    Oraimo Sound APP- Get Smart for Your FreePods 4

    Unlock more fun features with oraimo Sound APP. Supports both Android and iOS.



    Name: Oraimo freepods pro (E108D)

    Model: Oeb-e108d

    Bluetooth version: V5.2

    Range: 10m

    Case input: type-c

    Battery capacity: 70mAh(earbud), 510mAh(case)

    Music playtime: Up to 13 hours; case provides additional 30 hours (ANC off)
    up to 9 hours, case provides additional 23 hours (ANC on)

    Pro-hybrid noise cancellation

    Transparency for ambient awareness

    Clear voice in call

    Extra long playtime



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